How to login to your trading account at UMarketz online?

How to login to your trading account at UMarketz online? post thumbnail image

Trading at UMarketz is definitely the best option for all beginner level, intermediate, and advanced level expert traders. This is because this trading platform takes care of each and every trader according to their skill level and experiences. When you become a trader at this Umarkets platform, you can surely free the complete freedom with the easy and fast trading methods.

Login to your UMarketz trading account:

There are three types of trader’s like beginners, intermediate, and expert level and you can choose the trading account based on your category. Once you have decided to open a trading account on any of these category, you have to fill the given form with the necessary details and click on the submit button. Now, you will have a unique and dedicated trading account to trade on the different types of the valuable assets given there. If you want to start trading online, you have to first login to your account. When you go to the login page, it will ask trading account username or id along with your password. Then, click on the login button to open your account in order to start trading online. For a better learning process, you can start with the demo account first and then go to open the real trading account.

Different trading platforms:

The Umarkets platform offers three different trading platforms for all types of traders such as,

  • Web Trader

It is the robust, adaptable, and also cutting edge online based trading platform offering ultimate online trading solution to trade CFD, forex, indices, commodities, and also future markets.

  • Meta Trader 4

It is one of the top rated platforms designed to provide the cutting edge trading with the benefits of multiple language support, intuitive interface, daily account statement, news feed direct into the trading platform, real time client account summary, and also advanced charts.

  • Mobile Trader

Mobile Trader is also the top rated trading platform offering the advantages as same as the Meta Trader 4.


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